Who will Phillies target in free agency?

By Larry Shenk

Media sources report the Phillies have begun interviewing for a new president, or general manager, or both. Or, no one as the possibility exists that there will be no new hires for now.

The Phillies, like most teams, have needs…

Following an overload of turkey and yellow penalty flags on Thanksgiving, thought it was time to turn to baseball. Specifically, My Phillies.

Like many, I’ve come up with many questions: bullpen closer and depth, who’s in CF, LF, SS, 3B? Starting pitchers always welcomed. Sorry I wasn’t more creative.


SS Bryson Stott, ranked the Phillies #2 prospect by MLB Pipeline, is the second in a series of minor league profiles this offseason.

Steve Potter, author of Phillies Minor League Digest and www.philliesbaseballfan.com, offers his views of young Phillies players. Between streaming of minor league games and seeing games firsthand…

Which Phillies manager has the most ejections? Sawyer, Mauch, Ozark, Green, Fregosi, Bowa, Manuel?

Ejections in baseball are becoming a vanishing entertaining act. A human element is missing. Certainly, don’t believe umpires, managers, coaches and players are becoming passive robots.

However, since the 2014 arrival of replay reviews those animated…

Reliever Jim Konstanty, pitching out of the 1950 National League champion Whiz Kids bullpen, was the second Phillies player to win the MVP Award.

The 33-year-old right-hander set modern pitching records with 74 appearances (all in relief) and 62 games finished on his way to a 16–7 record and 2.66…

Larry Shenk

Larry Shenk offers insight into the past, present-day and future of his beloved Phillies.

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